“Teknologihuset” – House of Communities is a melting pot for the sharing of knowledge and new development, especially tailored for the IT industry in Norway. The house has meeting and conference facilities for up to 120 people, and can be used for meetings, lectures, academic days and workshops. The rooms are versatile and give a creative setting for both professional sessions and informal meetings.

The house is open in the evenings, and has quickly become a meeting point for dedicated and active communities. Here, all with a passion for technology can meet and exchange new ideas and knowledge.

Macsimum + Teknologihuset

Macsimum stands as one of the initiators of Teknologihuset, and is responsible for the practical preparation and execution of the various happenings at the house. Through Macsimum, companies get the best out of their event, whether it is a breakfast meeting, workshop, full day meeting or a lecture.

The plan and execution of the event can be tailored to any customer’s need, with suitable food serving, technical execution and marketing.

Are you looking for a tailored meeting facility?
Please contact us for more information, booking or an informal tour:

Cathrine Opheim
92 24 94 31

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