Macsimum have more than 15 years experience in planning and executing tailored academic conferences for companies, organisations and communities.

We take pride in creating a relevant and professional environment around any event, and ensure that all parties involved benefit from them. With a dedicated, creative and highly competent team, we have taken part in establishing, and developing several international conferences. The events continue to grow in both scale and reputation every year.

Here are some of the biggest conferences in which we are involved.

After contributing to the establishment of JavaZone in 2002, Macsimum has continuously contributed to the development of the conference, growing from 300 to 2300 participants. The event has become one of Europe’s largest Java-conferences, with all tickets sold out.

JavaZone conference

Macsimum have since the beginning in 2008 worked to further develop the programming conference NDC, and contributed to a growth of participants from 800 to 1800. Over the years, NDC has become an internationally popular arena for programmers, software architects, project managers and IT leaders. The conference is also organized in London, with Macsimum as an event provider.

NDC conference

From the beginning in 2012, Macsimum has helped establish NIC as one of the largest and most important IT conference within infrastructure, in the Nordic region. The number of participants has increased from 800 to over 1200 over the years, and the event is highly regarded internationally for both level and quality of content and venue. The concept of NIC Masterclass comes from the conference, and creates an awareness of the topic throughout the year.

NIC conference