Macsimum is an invaluable resource on the road to a successful conference, either in case of small events such as a breakfast meeting or in large, international conferences.

In cooperation with our customers, we facilitate thousands of hours of shared knowledge, exchange of ideas and academic refill. Macsimum have a wide range of tools inhouse that makes us capable of delivering exciting and coherent conferences at a very high level.

Our skilled and dedicated employees custom build each event, and we take pride in getting the organizer, participants and partners the most out of all the events we are involved in.


For more than 15 years, Macsimum have been fortunate to work with a great number of IT companies and communities, all with different goals and assumptions. We have a broad experience in this area, and arrange events for both commercial, governmental and NGOs.

Mainly, our experience has been built through working with two types of customers:

  • Technology companies who use academic events as part of their strategic marketing plan and development of expertise.

  • Professional groups, industry associations and communities who wish to promote a certain technology or facilitate industry development.

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What we can help you with?

We produce professional conferences, ranging from small meetings, aimed at internal knowledge development- to large international conferences with thousands of attendees. We make sure you achieve what you set out to do, no matter how high you reach.

We can assist in the whole process from plan to execution, and we adapt the delivery to your ambitions and strategy of growth. For some customers we do a full service deliverance and make sure all aspects of the practical and technical requirements are met. In other cases, we only handle parts of the planning, delivery and execution.

With Macsimum involved in your project, you get the freedom to focus on what matters most: The professional content, which is always the most important factor of success.

  • Strategy consulting

    We provide strategic advice, and in cooperation with the customer, find a clear purpose for the activities. We assist you in making your event reach its potential and help connect it to a broader marketing strategy.

  • Project management

    Macsimum ensure unique and custom built solutions, providing the right dynamic during the event. We help you choose the right facility, floor plan, technical solution, food experience and entertainment for your event, and we help you organize it all to perfection.

  • Development of concept

    We often contribute in creating a concise profile for the event, building it into a brand. We establish portals for communication and help market the event. Macsimum is happy to assist in any stage of the process, from the first ideas to post-evaluation.

  • Digital tools

    Macsimum utilizes the latest technologies and deliver a range of solutions and new tech-services custom built for any type of event: Portals, systems for ticket and access control, information screens and feedback features.

  • Creative services

    We have our own creative department who can deliver graphic design and concept development. Our focus it to create a graphic expression which assures a solid identity and profile for the events and the companies we work with.

  • Onsite production

    We assist in any practical aspect of the event execution: Access control, helpdesk, partner coordination, food logistics and more. Macsimum have long experience in building events beneficial to both organizer, partners and participants.